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Yelka Mikolji

Yelka Mikolji is co-founder of the Fish from Venezuela foundation. She is in charge of the ‘behind the scenes’ strategies of our organization. While Ivan is out exploring and getting footage for his next documentary, Yelka works on branding, fundraising, documentary production, website, and social media marketing. Her personal mission is "Planning, executing and promoting projects that protect the freshwater systems of the planet for the well-being of future generations" Our youtube channel has over 30k subscribers and over 8.5 million views! (
Yelka has always had the ability to take something that seems complicated and make it simple to understand. Her passion for helping others and her strategic thinking has been a true asset to our organization.  Yelka is always looking for ways to use technology to solve many environmental issues. Yelka is a dedicated, committed and brilliant person that constantly seeks ways to contribute to others.

Yelka is our information disseminator. She has been instrumental in helping many on cutting down on their environmental foot print by providing information that helps people change their daily practices. Yelka has always used her clear insight and penetrating intelligence to find innovative solutions for any problem we face.