Water Reflections

Ivan Mikolji mutates water reflections into unusual images, thanks to his expertise in using the reflection of light when it goes through the surface of the water; submerged in rivers and seas, camera in hand, he abstracts from time until he finds the angle that reflects the compositions he seeks to confront the public with the photography as art.

Thus, the aqueous soils of The Great Savanna become compositions that transform nature into concentric, triangular, and mandala shapes, which transmit a halo of mystery to the ecosystems of the Guiana Shield, unique on the planet, and on which the balance and harmony of the existence of humanity depend on, since it generates 25% of freshwater of the planet and it is also one of the largest lungs on the planet.

In these reflections, photography distances itself from documentary reality and enters the Edenic quest to generate knowledge and provoke a conservationist praxis in people, when evidencing the fragility of these biomes through aesthetics.

These compositions are transformed into visual metaphors, dominated by the artist’s creative passion, by concentrating and focusing on the physical compartment of light and turning its waves into mirrors. The artist turns the aquatic universe into poetry, through a visual language that transforms photography closer to surrealism and abstract expressionism.

Eduardo Planchart Licea
Ph.D Latin American Art History, UNAM

Water Reflections has been exhibited in:
Rafael Monasterios Gallery (UCLA), Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2019