Venezuelan Orchids

Ivan Mikolji’s photographs have become paradigmatic images of scientific publications in international books and magazines. They are highly valued both for their compositional beauty, and for having identified various unknown species of fish, wildflowers and orchids, and thus make these biomes known in their vast complexity, as a way of protecting them for their conservation.

This sample is a selection from his photography portfolio of orchids; each of these images was photographed in their natural context, with the artist’s sensitivity to create compositions that show an aesthetics of the hidden. Dr Gustavo A. Romero, researcher and curator of the Orchid Herbarium at Harvard University, identified each species.

The artist has recreated the colors of each of these orchids in the mikotones, isolating their chromatic essence in a biological Pantone belonging to each specie. In this way, a link is established between nature, science and digital art.

Eduardo Planchart Licea
PhD History of Latin American Art, UNAM.


The most important thing in my work is to teach people what it is, such as an inventory of the biodiversity that must be preserved and protected to maintain life on the planet since everything is linked to a planetary ecological system, which is extremely fragile. It is curious for me that in my work’ exhibitions, people thank me for showing them the indissoluble plot on which life on Earth depends. It is as if I was inspiring them, changing the cultural mindset of the people who see the photos, and you make them love the planet more and feel part of it. In addition, that change of attitude is one of the objectives of my work.

Ivan Mikolji
Explorer and visual artist


Venezuelan Orchids has been exhibited in:
Rosa Bela Hotel & Convention Center, Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela, 2018
Barquisimeto Photo Library, Venezuela. 2019
La Salle Foundation of Natural Sciences. Caracas, Venezuela 2019