Tribute to Cardinal Tetra Artwork Catalogue

Cardinal Tetras are my muse. Their intense blue and red colors awaken my creativity, evoking hours of artistic ideas, tests, and experiments. I look for ways to strip down the essence of this fish into simpler forms. I share this series with you as an example of one of these creative experiments.

Cardinal Tetras can be stripped down to four basic colors: red and blue on the sides of their bodies, white on the abdomen, and black on (or around) the eye. Each “color” is not one Pantone or hue; it is an array of blues, reds, and greys. The images I have taken of them in their natural habitat are my cheat sheets
to accurately measure the intensity and hue of each color. I guess I also reminisce while I paint or draw about swimming with them in the wild.

A sample of what is hidden in this beautiful e-book

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