Tribute to Altum Angelfish Series Artwork Catalogue

The first time I saw Altum Angelfish (Pterophyllum altum) I fell in love with them immediately. They looked majestic, elegant, a superb creation of nature. I immediately started to read all I could find about these magnificent freshwater fish on the web. One of the points that kept on popping up as I read was how
hard it was to breed them in captivity.

I immediately bought about twelve of them in a pet store, most of them 15 cm tall, and started an Altum breeding program. For about six months I tried everything I could come up with to make them breed with no luck. As usual, I got a visit from an unexpected person who would guide my destiny towards its preset path and change my life. This person, called Ricardo Fridegoto, happened to visit my fish house and said… “You will not be able to breed those Altum, they are babies. Come to my house tomorrow morning around 9am and I will show you what adult Altums look like.”


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