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Our cause is to document aquatic related habitats, their flora and fauna and other “interesting stuff” we find along the way. We collect audio visual data, field observations, and biological samples for scientific study. We also process the data and create comprehensible Eco educational projects. Our most common endeavors are expeditions to document specific areas, scientific descriptions of new species of fish, educational art exhibitions, and the writing of articles and books.


  • Inspire awareness and love of nature through our various media (art, films, images, books).
  • Eco educate the general public through exhibitions, social media and talks.
  • Perform and assist scientists, museums, universities and other institutions with scientific research.
  • Create educational programs on how to have a minimum impact on the environment.
  • Nourish the aquarium hobby worldwide by showing aquatic habitats, their flora and fauna.
  • Digitally document nature at its best.
  • Make you semiaquatic.