Solunar Fish Series Artwork Catalogue


I have a very light veneration towards the sun and the moon. When I get out of a cold stream in the wild, shivering, and the sun warms me up, it makes me feel alive and fills me with a profound feeling of happiness. The same felicity comes to me as I lay in the wild looking up at the moon by night. It is hard to explain the feeling of pure humbleness that you acquire after spending a lot of time in the wilderness.

You look at things differently when the perception of being a visitor changes to the peaceful confidence of being a native in nature. The concept is hard to understand until you live it and sense it in person, it is a “something” that never goes away and follows you wherever you go.

As you travel and explore the wilderness in different countries and continents, many things change around you. The weather, wild plants and animals are different, but even though you may be in an unknown new environment, this acquired “something” kicks in and makes you feel at home. In my case, I am quite sure that the base factors of this ideological “something” are the sun and the moon, they are always there, looking after you.

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