Orinoco River Sunrise 711

24 x 36 in – Series of 20
Dye sublimation on aluminum

Image Details

Orinoco River Sunrise 711 – 6:54 am, February 12, 2020

Vichada Department, Colombia (Western Guiana Shield)

DJI Mavic Air, 24mm / 35mm (35mm Equivalent) DJI ND 4 Filter

f/2.8, 1/306, ISO 113, -1.3 e.v.

Latitude: 6° 6’9.07″N

Longitude: 67°29’11.92″W


Explorer’s Notes

The Orinoco makes its way through Venezuela and Colombia, extending approximately 2,250 kilometers and covering about 880,000 km. No wonder I thought it was so vast when I saw it for the first time, as it is the third-largest river in the world by discharge volume of water.

Water drains into the Orinoco River from many different areas. From the north, water drains from the Venezuelan Caribbean Mountain Range, in the west from the Andes Mountains, Colombian llanos, and savannas, and the south-east from the Lost World of the ancient Guiana Shield highlands.

Each of these places have their secrets still waiting to be revealed.

Because the water of the Orinoco’s main channel is not as clear as I would like it to be for underwater photography, I spent part of my life searching for clear water streams and springs that would drain into the Orinoco and in that way document its flora and fauna in a more visually striking way.

Although I have snorkeled in hundreds of its streams, I have decided to present the most relevant spots I have explored.


What exactly am I purchasing?

You are buying the artwork that is in front of you in the gallery. It is number one in a series of 20 for that size and medium. Once you purchase it, you can pick it up after the exhibition closes (around August 1st) or arrange for shipping or delivery to your home. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity that will be mailed to you within 30 days of purchase.

What is a Dye Sublimation in Aluminum metal print?

The piece you are purchasing is a Chromaluxe dye sublimation on aluminum. Heat infused aluminum prints have been shown to resist fading for 65+ years and last 2-4 times longer than traditional photo-based silver papers.

Is this artwork part of a series? If so, how many were printed?

The prints in this exhibition are a series of 20, so only 20 of this specific size and media will ever be made.

Who is Ivan Mikolji?

“You Cannot Preserve What You Don’t Know Exists.” Groundbreaking Venezuelan artist and river explorer Ivan Mikolji’s motto exemplifies his life’s mission: to promote knowledge and inspire the preservation of the planet’s aquatic ecosystems.

Mikolji’s artwork celebrates the elements, aquascapes, and landscapes that he has intimately experienced as a lifetime explorer, researcher, and photographer. Mikolji’s artwork guides the viewer’s journey into rarely seen underwater worlds.

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