Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild

Winner of three indie book awards!

Imagine yourself floating in a crystal-clear river filled with some of your favorite tropical fish. When you look down at the river bottom you see Stingrays and schools of Corydoras. When you look to your right you see Cardinal tetras, and to your left you witness schools of Severum cichlids.

You lie there, motionless, observing, and narrating what you see, what the fish do.
That’s what’s in this book.


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What’s inside the book?


An underwater photography journey through clear water streams in the Orinoco River basin featuring over 150 species of freshwater fish. Explore the natural underwater world of Venezuela and Colombia, in the Lost World, the Amazonas inselbergs and other remote areas in the tropical rainforests of the Guiana Shield.

View the original colors of these species when they are in their natural habitats and get valuable information of their homes including GPS locations, pH and other species that share their biotopes. Learn what their scientific names mean or stand for, interesting anecdotes and observations of the fish behaviour in the wild, and underwater photography tips such as settings and the gear used to take each image.

You cannot preserve something that you don’t know exists, so delight your eyes with every image and have fun expanding your aquatic knowledge with every page.

The book is a fusion between nature, science and art.



Winner of three indie book awards!

“#2 Best Fish Book Ever!” – PFK Magazine

“…The most anticipated fish book of 2020”  – PFK magazine

Have you ever wondered where all those beautiful tropical freshwater fishes come from or what it’s like where they live in the natural underwater world? Now you can finally find out! Ivan Mikolji has spent a lifetime capturing their wild essence and vibrant colors in natural habitats in Colombia and Venezuela and wants to share them with you. See for yourself in his amazing new book.

Prof. Donald C. Taphorn B.

Professor in Ichthyology

Tropical fish from a different angle, literally. This Mikolji masterpiece is a must have for any Aquarist, Ichthyologist or aquatic hobbyist.

Max Pedley

Professional Aquarist

Dive into the freshwaters of the Orinoco with the author and witness untouched aquatic flora and fauna first hand. The book is a definitive pictorial reference for the characins, cichlids and catfish of the Orinoco, where and how they live, as well as associated aquatic plants and sympatric fish species. Ivan Mikolji’s hundreds of unique underwater observations, first-class photographs and detailed notes unlock the secrets to many of our aquarium species in the wild.

Jeremy Gay

Author and former editor of PFK magazine

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Printed in the UK by TJ International.  Distributed by The Logical Choice Group

Copyright © 2020 by Ivan Mikolji.  All rights reserved.
All text, artwork and images by Ivan Mikolji except where noted.


First hardback edition October 2020
Edition of 2000 copies
Casebound Hard Cover
Format: 10 x 10in / 252 x 252mm Portrait
Text Pages: 392pp
Paper: Essential Silk 130gsm
Finishing: Anti Scuff Matt Laminate outer Cover & fix over 2500 boards, Round & Back with Green Head & Tail Bands. Sewn text into Cased Cover. Anti Scuff Matt Laminate outer Jacket and wrap around Book. Individually Shrink Wrapped.
ISBN 978-1-83853-883-5



Will Mikolji please sign my book?

Mikolji has signed a limited number copies which are available here or on Amazon.

Printing and fulfillment of the book are being done in the UK. Signing copies for Mikolji is not easy because he still works in Venezuela and it is very difficult and expensive logistically to send him copies and for him to mail them back from there.

Also, after Covid, Mikolji will do an in-person global tour full of events, workshops, talks, and exhibits and he can also sign copies. Let us know if any of you are interested in helping us organize something like this by sending an email to info@mikolji.com.

Shipping to my country is very expensive. Are there other alternatives?

Printing and fulfillment are being done in the UK. Logistically shipping to some countries is very expensive.

You can try purchasing on Amazon.com since sometimes their shipping rates are more cost effective.

Is there an e-book version of the book?

We are not expecting to have an electronic version of the book until at least the end of 2022.

Is the book available in languages other than English?

Not currently. We are looking for sponsors to cover the expense of translation and possibly an on-demand print run option for other languages. If you are interested, please let us know by sending an email to info@mikolji.com

I would like to purchase the book in bulk. What do I do?

We offer bulk pricing to wholesalers, clubs, organizations, and others.  Please fill out this form.