Tribute to Altum Angelfish Series Artwork Catalogue


The first time I saw Altum Angelfish (Pterophyllum altum) I fell in love with them immediately. They looked majestic, elegant; a superb creation of nature.⁠ I felt so moved I had to paint a tribute to them. Free art catalogue.

The colors of my drawings and paintings of the Altum do not only represent the fish themselves, but the different colors of the water and the habitat where they live. ⁠

Because Altums are silver, if they are in green water, they will look green, and if they are in extremely red tannic water, they will look red. If they are next to green aquatic plants, they will reflect the green to some extent just like a mirror does. ⁠

Every art piece in this series has the essence of the Amazon; a⁠ piece of my heart, a bit of nature, and the essence of the wild.⁠

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