Redeye Piranha Artwork Catalogue

“Redeye Piranha are solitary fish, lurking silently for their prey. To me they are beautiful mystical
creatures.” Continue reading below…

Redeye Piranha is one of the common names given to the Serrasalmus rhombeus piranha species. The rhombeus species name makes reference to the shape of the body of these incredible piranhas which usually resemble a rhombus. These fish change a lot in color and shape, as they grow. Most of the Redeye Piranhas have red eyes; however, I have seen ones that do not.

Scientists who study these fish often refer to the rhombeus not as a species but as a complex of different “forms” of fish which share common characteristics. In my personal experience as a river explorer, this makes them super attractive. I have swam and fished Redeye Piranha all over Venezuela. Sometimes I brought back specimens of what I would think was a new species of piranha to scientists in Caracas and most of the time they would
tell me that it was a Serrasalmus rhombeus.

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