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About The Book
The Most Complete Guide About Piranhas
World piranha expert Frank Magallanes has put together what THE WHOLE piranha community has been waiting for: He has written a book that will AT LAST help to identify your piranhas correctly.

He has also managed to simplify the science behind each species, making it easy and fun to read and learn. This book has been a collaboration between the top piranha experts in the field to make this book as science worthy as it is aquarium worthy.

Expert Collaborators

Antonio Machado-Allison, PhD
Brian Scott
Cliver Flores Lanza
David M. Schleser, PhD
Douglas Markle, PhD
Flávio C.T. Lima
George Fear
Harald Schultz, PhD
Heiko Bleher
Ivan Mikolji

Jacques Géry, PhD (1919-2007)
Jerry Lipman
Leslie Córdova
Michel Jégu, PhD
Ning Labbish Chao, PhD
Rodney Rountree, PhD
Stanley Weitzman, PhD (1927-2017)
William L. Fink, PhD
Woody Trout

This informative book on piranhas covers everything from their natural history to ecology, and beyond.

-Brian Scott

Frank Magallanes
About the Author
An expert in piranhas, Frank Magallanes has been keeping fish since he was seven years old. His first piranha was a Pygocentrus nattereri which he bought at age 13. In Oregon, he changed the laws so that people could keep piranhas as pets, becoming an institution in the hobby. He continues to keep piranhas to this day.

In his efforts to associate piranhas with Oregon, he built a nonprofit and website known as OPEFE (Oregon Piranha Fish Exhibit) that became the go-to site for current science on piranhas. After running the non-profit for 21 years, he donated the website on Dec 4, 2015, but keeps feeding the site with the latest science on piranhas.

As one of America’s most experienced piranha experts, Frank dedicated his life to educating thousands of people about topics like the dangers of releasing unwanted fish in non-native waters, providing information about the piranhas, and why these animals need to be protected. Still today his love for the Piranhas is a driving force behind his commitment to ensuring THE BEST updated information of these species.

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*The profits from the sale of this book will go to research Serrasalmidae ichthyofauna through The Green Earth Alliance.
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