A Stamperija / Mikolji eco educational collaboration

Combining conservation, stamps & NFTs

Stamp collectors can now use their hobby to fund the conservation of nature!

@Stamperija and Mikolji have formed an eco-educational coalition to promote awareness and love of nature through collectible NFT stamps.

Each NFT stamp will feature an existing physical stamp in digital format.

A portion of each sale will go to the Green Earth Alliance for habitat restoration efforts to protect the environment.

Minted on the fully carbon-neutral Algorand blockchain

A new series of exclusive stamps

There will be three versions of each NFT stamp series:


A limited edition series of 50.  You get an image version of the original stamp.


A limited edition series of 10.  You get an animated moving mp4.


An exclusive edition 1 of 1 that includes an HD “moving living” stamp with video + sound

Collect stamps that come alive!

Genesis edition, available now:



What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. But what are they? In our case our NFTs are curated digital artworks that live on the blockchain. Each NFT can have only one owner: the person who owns the wallet address that’s registered on the blockchain.

What blockchain will these NFTs be minted on?

Our NFTs will be minted on the Algorand blockchain, the first carbon-negative blockchain. That means that unlike other NFTs minted on other blockchains, which can be harmful for our environment, our NFTs leave no carbon footprint.

Why invest in digital artwork?

Investing in an artist means you believe in their work. Just like with physical art, new technologies allow digital artwork to indicate uniqueness and scarcity. NFTs are authenticated and are represented by a unique identifier that can be verified by anyone. Anyone can also check the history of authentication and ownership on the blockchain. Buying any piece of art is an investment in beauty, the way the piece makes you feel, and an investment in those who create it.

What will be done with the proceeds?

The funds will be used to benefit the artists, with the net proceeds going to fund projects of the Green Earth Alliance.

How do I purchase one of the NFTs?

Because the uniqueness of a digital art piece depends on the blockchain, it has to be purchased using cryptocurrency. Lots of cryptocurrencies harm the environment, which is why Mikolji chose to only accept Algos, the cryptocurrency of the Algorand blockchain, which was specifically designed to impact the environment as minimally as possible.  You will need to have Algos in a cryptocurrency wallet to complete the transaction.  This wallet will allow you to buy, store, and spend Algos.  You will also keep your NFTs inside the wallet.


  1. Choose a cryptocurrency exchange and purchase Algos.  Some popular exchanges are Coinbase and KrakenThis video shows you  how to buy Algos on Coinbase and this one how to buy Algos on Kraken.
  2. Setup an Algorand wallet using either AlgoSigner(Chrome browser) or MyAlgoWallet(dessktop and mobile).  Make sure you write you mnemonic phrases down and don’t lose them!
  3. Fund your Algorand wallet by sending your Algos from your exchange to your Algorand wallet.  Watch this video for how to send from Kraken to  MyAlgo.
  4. Log into the NFT marketplace and tie your wallet to it.
  5. Purchase the NFT in the marketplace.
How can I provide feedback, get help or suggest other collectibles?

That’s easy.  Just send an email to info@mikolji.com or fill out our contact form.