Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild

For each fish you will find…

Information on over 150 species

The name of the river

GPS location

Fish & plants from the same biotope

Size, pH, temperature

…And much more!!!

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Have you ever wondered where all those beautiful tropical freshwater fishes come from or what it’s like where they live in the natural underwater world? Now you can finally find out! Ivan Mikolji has spent a lifetime capturing their wild essence and vibrant colors in natural habitats in Colombia and Venezuela and wants to share them with you. See for yourself in his amazing new book.

Tropical fish from a different angle, literally. This Mikolji masterpiece is a must have for any Aquarist, Ichthyologist or aquatic hobbyist.

“…the most anticipated fish book for 2020.” 

Dive into the freshwaters of the Orinoco with the author and witness untouched aquatic flora and fauna first hand. The book is a definitive pictorial reference for the characins, cichlids and catfish of the Orinoco, where and how they live, as well as associated aquatic plants and sympatric fish species. Ivan Mikolji’s hundreds of unique underwater observations, first-class photographs and detailed notes unlock the secrets to many of our aquarium species in the wild.

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