Mikolji Ichthyoform Series Artwork Catalogue

Ichtyoform Series Artwork Catalogue

In my 100+ expeditions throughout Venezuela, I was welcomed and helped by many “real” Venezuelans.  Getting to know and share with so many interesting people from so many different tribes gave me a better understanding of my place on earth. The Ichthyoform Series is my tribute to all of them. In this series, each artwork title references a tribe’s name, language, tribal chief’s name, or special words used in their language.

The forms, shapes, strokes and lines in the Ichthyoform Series are related to the importance that fish have in their lives. The forms are also influenced by natural entities, like botanical and mineral structures.  Another important factor in the forms is the induction of hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, geoglyphs shapes, both which I have extensively found and documented in my expeditions.

The colors used are always taken from a special something that I have seen or reminds me of their area.
This could be a purple orchid flower, river water color, animals, or distinctive tribe vestments. People’s behavior also influences the colors used in the artwork. If at the moment I met with a certain tribe I found them in one of their cheerful religious celebrations, the colors would be brighter and livelier. If I saw that they were into agriculture, I would use more telluric colors.

In this series you will find more than one “eye.” These “eyes” are composed of “real” eyes and oceli which are false eyes. Many fish and other animals have oceli on their bodies. The “real” eyes in each drawing are identified with a zig-zag line gesture that goes from large to small, pointing away from it.

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