“You cannot preserve something
that you don’t know exists.”

Ivan Mikolji is a river explorer, speaker, filmmaker and artist who passionately
documents the diversity and wonder of the world we live in.

“Ivan Mikolji’s hundreds of unique underwater observations, first-class photographs and detailed notes unlock the secrets to many of our aquarium species in the wild.”

-Jeremy Gay, Author and former editor of PFK magazine

Get Mikolji’s new book –
Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild

In the Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild, Venezuelan explorer, videographer, conservationist, and artist, Ivan Mikolji shares a breathtaking and comprehensive pictural documentation of his underwater journeys through clear water streams in the Oronoco River basin, highlighting over 150 species of freshwater fish. Each page offers images selected by renowned art curator Antonio Machado and decades of Mikolji’s observations, scientific documentation, and technical filming details. This is a modern collection of fish art for anyone as passionate as Mikolji about aquatic life.

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What keeps Mikolji inspired? Learn more about the man behind the camera, his collaborators, his projects, and what he hopes to achieve.

Ivan Mikolji is a groundbreaking Venezuelan explorer, audio visual artist, and environmentalist who studies freshwater flora and fauna and their habitats. His many career distinctions include pioneering the underwater filmmaking and photography of tropical freshwater fish in their natural biome, creating the Wild Aquarium movement, and the initial discovery and documentation of many species of plants and freshwater fish. The brand leader of Mikolji Corp and the founder of the Venezuelan Fish Foundation, Mikolji is dedicated to the maxim he coined: you cannot preserve something that you don’t know exists. 

In and out of the water, Mikolji’s always on the move making efforts for
conservation and education. Find out where he’ll be upcoming.