“you cannot preserve what that you don’t know exists.”

Ivan Mikolji

With more than a hundred expeditions and innumerable publications in different countries, he has demonstrated the authenticity and originality of his artistic passion for photography and painting. 

The philosophy that moves his creative will is the urgency to preserve the aquatic ecosystems of the planet, and as a first step he considers it necessary to make known the richness and beauty of these biomes. 

That is why he maintains: “you cannot preserve something what you don’t know exists.” And to that work he has dedicated a great part of his life.


Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild book

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Fishes of the Orinoco in the wild

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Wild Aquarium

Wild Aquarium is a movement within the fish-keeping hobby which involves visiting an aquatic habitat such as a lake, river or stream and setting up a temporal aquarium in situ with the aim of mimicking the habitats seen on the spot.

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Green Neon Tetras in the Wild

As we drive away from Alipio’s house we start to discuss what I want to accomplish with the day.

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Oscar Cichlids in the Wild

Since 2006 I have been going to a very special spot in the Venezuelan llanos. This spot has clear water for a very short period of time in the rainy season. When I get there and start putting on my gear I start to get very impatient.

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