Ivan Mikolji from Landscapes to Abstraction

Ivan Mikolji counting more than one hundred expeditions and innumerable publications in diverse countries, he has demonstrated the authenticity and originality of his artistic passion through photographs and pictorial representations. The philosophy that drives his creative force is an urgency to preserve aquatic ecosystems, and he considers it necessary to reveal the richness and beauty of these biomes as a first step in doing this. It makes sense that he would say “you cannot preserve something that you don´t know exists.” And so, he has dedicated a large part of his life to this labor.

In the portfolios of the Orinoco River, Quebrada Jaspe, Apure, Guárico, Meta, Caño Cristales / River of Five Colors, Colombia, and lakes like the Valencia Lake, between swamps and estuaries, reveal landscapes of a surprising nature, mysterious and sacred, creating edenic glimpses, motivated initially by the search for capturing in their natural habitat – in fingerprints of light – the fish that the artist is impassioned by.

Each one of these pictorial and drawn tributes are a homage to the beauty and diversity of the chosen species. Through these images he has developed an artistic language founded in expressionism and abstraction, fusing the anatomy of a fish with elements of the river landscapes like the rocks and flagstones of the rivers and watery reflections. In each one, organic, inorganic, and scenic elements mix together with his life experiences.

Eduardo Planchart Licea
PhD Historia del Arte UNAM


“The first time I saw an Angelfish, I became passionate for them. They looked majestic, elegant, like a beautiful creation of nature.”
(Ivan Mikolji)


Ivan Mikolji from Landscapes to Abstraction has been exhibited at:
Sala de Exposiciones del Centro Cultural Eladio Alemán Sucre, Naguanagua, Venezuela. 2018
(Digital Catalogue)