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My name will be inside the new book by @Mikolji! What about yours? https://www.mikolji.com/new-book/ #MikoljiBook

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“You cannot preserve something that you don’t know exists” A quote by @Mikolji, who dreams of a fair trade-off between humans and nature. He is looking to inspire awareness and love of nature, eco educate the general public, create educational programs on how to have a minimum impact on the environment, and much more. I just put my name in his book. You can too! https://www.mikolji.com/new-book/ #MikoljiBook

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River explorer, speaker, filmmaker and artist, @Mikolji tirelessly documents the diversity and wonder of the world we live in. His newest book release: Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild #mikoljibook. A fantastic compilation of 150 different species of fish with high quality photos, and key information of each one of them. Reserve a copy at https://www.mikolji.com/new-book/ #MikoljiBook

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Who is Ivan Mikolji and where does he come from?

Mikolji is a Venezuelan world-renowned explorer, researcher, audio/visual artist, and author who tirelessly documents the magnificent diversity and wonder of this beautiful region of the world.

What is Mikolji’s motivation?

The philosophy that moves his creative will is the urgency to preserve the aquatic ecosystems of the planet, and as a first step he considers it necessary to make known the richness and beauty of these biomes.

What can I find in the book Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild?

A beautifully made catalog with 150 different species of fish from the Orinoco river in Venezuela. For each fish you will find key information about the species, location, fish & plants from the same biotope, size, pH, temperature, and more.

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River explorer Ivan #Mikolji takes you on interesting freshwater journeys to secret locations in tropical jungles recreating the habitats of your tropical fish in an aquarium, using only natural elements found in their habitat. Find his new book at https://www.mikolji.com/new-book/ #MikoljiBook

Wild Aquarium is a movement within the fish-keeping hobby which involves visiting an aquatic habitat such as a lake, river or stream and setting up a temporal aquarium in situ with the aim of mimicking the habitats seen on the spot. For the creation of a Wild Aquarium, only materials and animals collected from the specific habitat are used and are usually returned to their original setting once complete.

Ivan’s Wild Aquarium video series started the Wild Aquarium movement. Ivan’s ingenious idea of creating an ephemeral aquarium using only the materials found around a body of water has been applauded and emulated throughout the world. Once completed, all materials are promptly returned to nature. This has encouraged people around the world to take their hobby from inside their homes to the outside world, further encouraging ecological interaction.

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Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild

This book will take you on an underwater photographic journey through clear water streams in the Orinoco River basin, featuring over 150 species of freshwater fish. Explore the natural underwater world of Venezuela and Colombia, in the Lost World, the Amazonas inselbergs, and other remote areas in the tropical rainforests of the Guiana Shield.

View the original colors of these species when they are in their natural habitats and get valuable information of their homes, including GPS locations, pH levels, and other species that share their biotopes. Learn what their scientific names mean or stand for, interesting anecdotes,   observations of fish behavior in the wild, and underwater photography tips, such as camera settings and the gear used to take each image.   

You cannot preserve something that you don’t know exists, so delight your eyes with every image and have fun expanding your aquatic knowledge with every page.

The book is a fusion between nature, science, and art.

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Mikolji The Sargassum Boy tells a true story about his childhood which shows how any person of any age can make a difference in the world.