Wild Aquariums

The series that started the Wild Aquarium movement! Ivan’s ingenious idea of creating an ephemeral aquarium using only the materials found around a body of water has been applauded and emulated throughout the world. Once completed, all materials flora and fauna are promptly returned to nature. This has encouraged people around the world to take their hobby from inside their homes to the outside world, further encouraging ecological interaction.

Wild Aquarium is a movement within the fish-keeping hobby which involves visiting an aquatic habitat such as a lake, river or stream and setting up a temporal aquarium in situ with the aim of mimicking the habitats seen on the spot. For the creation of a Wild Aquarium, only materials and animals collected from the specific habitat are used and are returned to their original setting once complete. http://cefishessentials.com/blog/the-birth-of-the-wild-aquarium/

Wild Aquarium 1

Wild Aquarium 2

Wild Aquarium 3

Wild Aquarium 4

Wild Aquarium 5

Wild Aquarium 6

Want to know more about Wild Aquariums and how they got started?  Do you know the difference between a Wild Aquarium and a Biotope Aquarium?  Want to see examples of Wild Aquariums made by fans around the world?  Check out Ivan’s Wild Aquarium article.