The Fish Guys Series

Hi I am Ivan, and I am George, and we are The Fish Guys! We travel all over in pursuit of getting underwater footage of tropical fish, same topical fish most of us keep in our aquariums.

In The Fish Guys Documentaries, George Fear and Ivan Mikolji will take you to remote locations and show you exactly what they are willing to go through to get you a front seat view of all the aquatic habitats. Be a part of their adventures on The Fish Guys.

Expedition 1

Ivan Mikolji and George Fear take you to Piranha Land to swim in the death hole and have many piranha feeding frenzies. Then they take you to the northern Amazon to look for a new species of Leporinus.

Expedition 2

Ivan Mikolji and George Fear take you to the Lost World to shoot some of the first underwater footage from the area. Then they take you to the Venezuela – Guyana border and cross country to explore some unique South American freshwater biotopes.