Ivan Mikolji has created an extensive number of serial shows and documentaries that have become instant classics in the aquarium hobby.  Starting with his majestic Freshwater Aquarium Documentary , Wild Piranha 1, and Morichal Largo River documentaries, followed a behind the scenes look at his expeditions in The Fish Guys Series and then his wildly successful Wild Aquarium series.

The Fusion Between Nature Science and Art

In this video, Ivan describes his work as the fusion between nature, science and art.  We see how all three interests meld together to form one whole body of work.

Freshwater Natural Aquarium Documentary

Dive into the Amazon with the iconic Freshwater Natural Aquarium documentary.  This video has now been seen over a million times all over the world.  It created a new standard in freshwater documentary videography.

Wild Aquariums

The series that started the Wild Aquarium movement!  Ivan’s ingenious idea of creating an ephemeral aquarium using only the materials found around a body of water has been applauded and emulated throughout the world.  Once completed, all materials are promptly returned to nature.  This has encouraged people around the world to take their hobby from inside to the outside.

The Fish Guys

The Fish Guys video series gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of the Mikolji shows and documentaries.

Hi I am Ivan, and I am George, and we are The Fish Guys! We travel all over in pursuit of getting underwater footage of tropical fish, same topical fish most of us keep in our aquariums.

In The Fish Guys Documentaries, George Fear and Ivan Mikolji will take you to remote locations and show you exactly what they are willing to go through to get you a front seat view of all the aquatic habitats. Be a part of their adventures on The Fish Guys.

Famous Interviews

Ivan Mikolji interviews featuring himself and other legends of the aquarium hobby. Exclusive interviews with Marc Weis, Frans Vermeulen, and others.

The Sargassum Boy

Ivan tells a true story about his childhood which shows how any person of any age can make a difference in the world.


Relax in the Amazon was shot between 2008 and 2011 by the river explorer Ivan Mikolji.  This video documentary is one of Mikolji’s early works and first attempts to tribute freshwater. “Back then we were pioneers, shooting underwater video in The Lost World and in Amazon streams.” Today these videos are classics of the aquarium hobby.


Another one of Ivan’s early works, Ivan shows you vicious Wolf Fish.


This is one of Ivan Mikolji’s first ever documentaries. The documentary that started Ivan on the videography path. Watch piranhas in their natural habitat.


Another one of Ivan’s earliest documentaries.