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This is my favorite space in the site. For me it is very important to inspire people in a positive way. Below is some feedback from people that in one way or another have felt our passion.
We would also love to hear from YOU! Please email me your lines to I will publish your writing with your name and country below it. If you have a webpage, blog, etc… please include it in the email, ill place a link.
Thank you,
Ivan Mikolji

The combination of your artistic eye and the natural beauty of the habitat are amazing.

Chris Englezou

Dear Ivan.
Thank you so much for information and for explained me how looks water in Rio Atabapo! I don't know why, but for me Upper Orinoco region and also Rio Atabapo region are almost magical and thanks God only your articles,images and videos are 100% genuine and can be real inspiration for every one who wants keep fishes from that region.
Ivan thanks a lot again for your help!

Take care!
Jarek Ciochon

The King of Nature himself... Great job you do for all of us... 
Buller Jensen
Denmark, Albertslund

To my mind, Ivan is the one aquatic photographer who manages to retain an artistic eye in his wildlife photography. In a world saturated with generic wilderness and fish images, his are always the ones that make me stop and take more than a second look.

Nathan Hill
Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

Hi Mikolji,

 I am amazed and stunned by the beauty of the Amazon. You are truly blessed to live in one of the most spectacular places on Earth. I really appreciate your work preserving the rainforest and the aquatic life in South America. The work you do, nobody can ever repay you for it. I want you to know that you inspire a lot of people. 

We all depend on the Rainforest survival. Many people may not know that, but changes in the aquatic life in South America do affect most of the world, my country as well and by learning about the Amazon habitats and the aquatic life, more people will realize that it’s everybody on earth’s responsibility to preserve the Amazon.
I have learned to appreciate the beautiful scenery here and I’m sure even the Northern Lights we somehow can thank the Rainforest for. I now think of the Amazon Rainforest when I see the Northern Lights here in Norway and I think about your work saving it. Thank you! It means the world to me.
Thank you again.

Your friend, 
Brita Johansen

Ever since I met Ivan at his visit in Gothenburg and saw his first film I have completely changed the way I look at ornamental fishkeeping and aquarium decoration. Keep up the good work.

Tony Franzén

Working hard for the environment is the only natural thing to do.

Daniel Tatulea

I have been a fan of your videos since I entered the hobby in 2008. Aquarium hobby lead to photography. Your photos became my main source of inspiration. Your underwater photography is just beautiful. 

I still have a lot to learn from you. If given a chance, I would love to go on expeditions with you in future. Thanks and good luck :)

Sumer Tiwari
Fort Collins, CO, USA

Dear Ivan,

As I already told you the work of you and your team is still inspiring biotop aquarists in Germany. Biotope aquaristics is growing up besides Aquascaping.

Your video footage allows aquarists to take a look or a digital trip into the environment of their pets they take care of. We, the biotope aquarists in Germany wishes you all the best and want to thank you for all the work in and with freshwater fish. Please keep on Wild-tanking whenever you and your team is able to. Please give more information about fish in their natural environment and their behaviour for all those who can´t come to visit Venezuela. 

We are awaiting and looking forward to your next projects.

Ronny Brähmig
Biotope Aquarists Germany

Hi Ivan,

I truly remember our trip to the Amazon area. I still have some photos of it too. It was a great trip. Swimming with the piranha's and then seeing all the thousands of birds in the savannas. Taking the wild river boat ride was truly a mouth dropping experience and going into the lost valley that was totally off limit to outsiders. Eating in the native village and all the interesting things like the ancient writing the mountainside. Then going to the natural water slide which was a really wicked ride and then getting the fangs out the seven foot long viper that had been run over at the entrance to that park. Also getting the fangs from the evil looking devil fish. Yeah, I remember that trip!

I would love to do it again.

Perry Franks

When looking at your beautiful photos taken under water, it makes me (almost) want to take diving lessons. It seems that it is a beautiful world under the surface!

Maria Eliasson