Our exhibitions are curated art collections on various subjects that are ready to show. These exhibits are not only highly aesthetic, but also serve as a strong educational tool to inspire preservation of the environment around the world. Each exhibition can be an individual proposal or combined to create mega exhibitions and have been curated by Dr. Eduardo Planchart Licea, the famous critic and historian of Latin American art.

Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild Exhibition

With more than a hundred expeditions and innumerable publications in different countries, Mikolji has demonstrated the authenticity and originality of his artistic passion for photography and painting. The philosophy that moves his creative will is the urgency to preserve the aquatic ecosystems of the planet, and as a first step he considers it necessary to make known the richness and beauty of these biomes.

Pike Characin 6607


H2O is a tribute to water showing our most precious liquid in its many states. This exhibition brings a global friendly way of showing the aesthetic side of water.

Ivan Mikolji from Landscapes to Abstraction

Ivan Mikolji from Landscapes to Abstraction is a natural journey starting with incredible landscapes and then submerging the spectator into waterscapes. The journey continues showing land and aquatic flora and fauna including amphibians, orchids and mammals. Towards the end the spectator is taken into the abstract world of underwater reflections which opens a mind boggling debate with what exists and what does not. The exhibition is complemented with geometrical abstraction paintings and drawings which represent the human way of fusing nature, science and art.

Venezuelan Orchids

Ivan Mikolji’s photographs have become paradigmatic images of scientific publications in international books and magazines. They are highly valued both for their compositional beauty, and for having identified various unknown species of fish, wildflowers and orchids, and thus make these biomes known in their vast complexity, as a way of protecting them for their conservation.

A Tribute to Humboldt by Mikolji

Ivan Mikolji has devoted much of his life to photography to make known the biodiversity of the Amazon basin. His exploration projects and documentation stand out the uniqueness of these ecosystems. After more than two centuries since Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) made his epic expedition (1799-1804), this inventory is far from being finished; and many species have not been identified, and possibly never will be, if the tragic environmental impact on these paradises is not stopped.

Aquatic Photographs and Paintings

Ivan Mikolji as researcher and explorer created a photographic language, which is indebted to the refraction of light in water, its transparency, opacity, and physical-chemical qualities.

These photographs are born from an adventure into the unknown. Normally, Mikolji submerges for hours with a mask, snorkel and his photography equipment looking for the wanted frame, and working on each session until to materialize it.

He immortalizes the changing essence of the aqueous to transform it into a visual trap that sometimes perceives water as evanescent matter. The artist has created a visual language, closely linked to aquatic and underwater landscapes, and this is observed in his paintings and drawings as well as in the predominance of curves, angles, geometric shapes and seriality. The line is restless, dynamic echo in the external shapes as well as in the colors that are linked to the kaleidoscopic reflections of light in the water and the bottoms, which characterize many of these works, as evidenced in the series from Altum.

Ivan Mikolji Between Science and Art

Having embarked on more than one hundred expeditions and his work published in innumerable international publications, Ivan Mikolji has demonstrated his authenticity and the originality of his passion for aquatic life, forest worlds, and the sea.  Permeating his work is a consciousness of the urgency of maintaining these ecological systems, where life sprouts and upon which survival of contemporary civilization depends.  His aesthetic action has turned art to life in a concrete sense.  This can be seen in how his photographic actions create exhibition samples, and his wild aquariums (Wild Aquariums) have turned into a global trend.

Water Reflections

Ivan Mikolji turns water reflections into unusual images, thanks to his expertise in using the reflection of light when it goes through the surface of the water; submerged in rivers and seas, camera in hand, he abstracts from time until he finds the angle that reflects the compositions he seeks to confront the public with the photography as art.

Caño Cristales / River of Five Colors

Explorer and artist Ivan Mikolji made a photographic portfolio of Caño Cristales, in the mountains of La Macarena, department of Meta, Colombia. This exhibition is a selection of this hidden place in Colombia, where water becomes a rainbow among rich biodiversity; a natural and biological reserve of humanity.  An intense source visitors from Colombia, South America and different continents, in 2016 Caño Cristales had more than 16,000 tourists.