flora of the orinoco

New book by ivan mikolji

discover the plants of the orinoco river

Our newest project and a new addition to your Mikolji book collection!

Flora of the Orinoco is a new book we have been working on.

It will feature the terrestrial and aquatic plants we have found on our expeditions across the Orinoco River Basin. From the top of the Andes Mountains in the northwest, to the tepui-covered Lost World in the Southeast. Through the Flooded Savannas, photographing freshwater plants in famous rivers such as the Atabapo River in the Amazonas. Discover the plants that share the habitat of the famous red plants of Caño Cristales.

We are working on this book daily and will send out periodic updates.

• So far we now have 231 plant species in the book
• We are in the process of identifying 23 species
• We estimate we will reach almost 300 species
This book is planned to have the same size dimensions and page count as our Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild book.

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