Ivan Mikolji’s work through his vast and detailed photographic documentation and as an explorer is very important when it comes to talking about scientific disclosure in Venezuela. His made a significant contribution since he makes the biological and scientific knowledge of our planet accessible to all through his pictures, observations and field trips. Ivan Mikolji is a science popularizer who seeks to show the language of nature and its processes in a way that is understandable and enjoyable for the public, far beyond the academic and scientific world.

Alberto Blanco Dávila
Editor-in-Chief of EXPLORA magazine, nature projects.

Mikolji's new book - Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild

Mikolji’s authoring a new series of books, starting with Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild.  Learn about species in Venezuela’s Orinoco river Basin.  You will have species description, fish and plant sympatries, geolocation, pH, temperature, and of course Mikolji’s adventures peppered in between.

Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild book

Mikolji Blue Fish Inspirational Tribute Series Artwork Catalogue

Most of us have people that inspire us, that influence us and change our lives. The Mikolji Blue Fish Inspirational Tribute Series is my way to commemorate these very special people, influencers who inspired my work. Some of these people are very well known in the aquarium hobby and some are not, others I have never met in person or have passed away, leaving a profound impact on my life.

Illustrated Catalog of Fish in the “Aguaro-Guariquito” National Park

This book contains information on all the collections made in this basin and deposited in all national and international museums, as well as in publications. So there is the whole historical process of knowledge of the species reported for the basin.

Fauna de Caño Cristales, sierra de La Macarena, Meta, Colombia

Fauna de Caño Cristales, sierra de La Macarena, Meta, Colombia brings you scientific information of the world famous Liquid Rainbow River. You will be able to get incredible data about its freshwater aquatic ecosystem, fauna and biotopes.

Wetlands of the Orinoquia (Colombia-Venezuela)

Wetland of the Orinoquia (Colombia Venezuela) brings you scientific information on a wide range of freshwater aquatic ecosystems of northern South America. The book has large amounts of data on many incredible freshwater biotopes from Colombia and Venezuela.

Revision of the genus Apistogramma Regan 1913 (Perciformes, Cichlidae) in the Orinoco river basin

Third Revision of the Apistogramma Genus in the Orinoco River Basin (III REVISION DEL GENERO Apistogramma EN LA CUENCA DEL RIO ORINOCO) brings you scientific descriptions of new Apistogramma species from Venezuela and Colombia. It also brings great data and keys on how to identify each species