@biotope_aquarium.info When I was a kid, my father and I used to keep Siamese fi…


@biotope_aquarium.info When I was a kid, my father and I used to keep Siamese fighting fish, Mollies, Ram cichlids and Eel loaches all together, in the same tank. We filled the aquarium with coloured sand, bleached corals and plastic plants. Boy, it all looked so great back in the day! Back then the hobby was a very small circle consisting of my father (who paid), me and the pet store. Today things have gotten a lot more interesting. I am now part of a bigger circle, consisting of an uncountable number of hobbyists worldwide, like you. We still visit the store for gear but look for knowledge and answers elsewhere, online, in books, in nature, like scientists. Together we are creating a new path that is leading us back to the origin of where all of our plants and animals come from. Haven’t you all realized this? I am proud to see so many of you participate and honoured to go along with you all in this cool ride. This year we had a record of 105 biotope tanks registered. This inspires me; being a part of something that is like a plant or animal, alive and growing. I salute all the participants, judges and specially the organizers and sponsors of such an important event.
Ivan Mikolji (Venezuela)

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