The Green Dartfish habitat is quite “clean” due to the strong current. Loose particles get dragged at high speed down river. Everything that floats downstream immediately gets inspected by the hungry tetras.

I wish I was able to breath underwater. I wish I could stay here in the Green Tunnel; make time freeze. This is natural perfection. The Green Tunnel stretches as far as I can see in the underwater horizon. BryconsMoenkhausia, and other pelagic tetras swim past me and disappear in the distance as they go somewhere. Some come with the flow and some swim against it, up river. The long aquatic plant leaves sway from side to side with the strong water current. Everything is so green. As I hug the fallen tree trunk with my legs, I sit there and take the time to admire the underwater movements. My favorite are the incredible underwater reflections. They are not tangible but you can see them, they are optical illusions that multiply the natural beauty by two.