Cichla are pelagic fish that spend their lives swimming in open water. Even though they tend to swim near the banks of the rivers, they do not live in the littoral zone, they feed in it. In the deep, open, profundal areas.

If you could turn into a fish, which one would you choose to be? My first thought was an Altum Angelfish because it is one of my favorite fish but then I stopped and actually took the time to analyze this a bit better. Altum are extremely threatened in the wild, so it is not a good choice. Even though I also love Cardinal Tetras I definitely did not want to be one of those small fish that get eaten by most of the others; I definitely wanted to be on the top of the food chain. Next, I thought of piranhas, no, they sometimes eat carrion which normally gives me indigestion. Then, I thought wolf fish, no too aggressive to be me. What about an electrical eel? No, to electriky… Then, I thought of Cichla, hmmmm, which I could not find a con about, all pros.