Aquatic Photographs and Paintings

Ivan Mikolji as researcher and explorer created a photographic language, which is indebted to the refraction of light in water, its transparency, opacity, and physical-chemical qualities.

These photographs are born from an adventure into the unknown. Normally, Mikolji submerges for hours with a mask, snorkel and his photography equipment looking for the wanted frame, and working on each session until to materialize it.

He immortalizes the changing essence of the aqueous to transform it into a visual trap that sometimes perceives water as evanescent matter. The artist has created a visual language, closely linked to aquatic and underwater landscapes, and this is observed in his paintings and drawings as well as in the predominance of curves, angles, geometric shapes and seriality. The line is restless, dynamic echo in the external shapes as well as in the colors that are linked to the kaleidoscopic reflections of light in the water and the bottoms, which characterize many of these works, as evidenced in the series from Altum.

Eduardo Planchart Licea
PhD. Latin American Art History, UNAM


Aquatic Photographs and Paintings has been exhibited in:
Barquisimeto Photo Library. 2018
(Digital Catalog)
Martin Tovar y Tovar Technical School of Plastic Arts, Barquisimeto. 2018