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Taxonomic Catalog of Type specimens of the fish collections of Venezuela

The Biological Collections, whether they are of animals (zoological) or plants (herbal), constitute a part of the Natural or Biological Heritage, as well as the Historical Heritage of each nation in the world. These can be housed in small private and public collections, or in large collections of museums or institutions.

Diamond Tetra Reintroduction Project

Diamond Tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri) is an endangered species of fish from Venezuela that Mikolji Corp is currently assessing for the IUCN. It is endemic to Lake Valencia.

Describe a New Species of Piranha Project

There is a new piranha species that has been discovered in Colombia and is already anthropogenically endangered but cannot be protected because it has not even be described as a new species yet so it is not even listed in the IUCN database.

Using AI to count juvenile herring in Plymouth, MA

Herring populations have been in decline in Eastern Massachusetts. Fish ladders have been installed and populations seem to be starting to recuperate. Scientists have great difficulty counting the juvenile herring as they swim back to sea because of their size and movement patterns.

Mexico killifish Reintroduction Project

Mexico Killifish Profundulus oaxacae (DD) y Profundulus mixtlanensis (NT) are species of Killifish from Oaxaca, Mexico. Scientist Victor Ortiz has a reintroduction project for it. This fish is anthropologically threatened and is needed to control insect larvae.