Mikolji questions the true color of what he sees: “what is real and what is not? Everything changes depending on the point of view from where you see it”.

Ivan Mikolji

Ivan Mikolji is a world-renowned river explorer who tirelessly documents the diversity and wonder of the world we live in. He is an Associate Investigator of the La Salle Institute, promoting the importance of preserving freshwater biodiversity around the globe. His work inspires a deep love and respect for the conservation of nature, stating “You cannot preserve something that you don’t know exists.”

He recently had the honor of having a newly described species of cichlid named after him, Astronotus mikoljii.

His most recent book, Fishes of theOrinoco in the Wild, has won three Indie Book Awards.  PFK magazine described it as #2 in their list of “Best Fish Books EVER!”

He is currently working on his next book, Flora of the Orinoco.

If you are an admirer of the aquatic habitats of South America, you certainly know Ivan Mikolji!

He’s a world-renowned explorer, researcher, audio/visual artist, and author who tirelessly documents the magnificent diversity and wonder of this beautiful region of the world. His dramatic underwater videos are seen around the world, and his photographs have graced articles in numerous publications.

Ivan Mikolji is also an extremely accomplished artist, whose beautiful interpretations of the aquatic life of Venezuela and South America are sought after by collectors worldwide.

Scott Fellman, Tannin Aquatics


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If you are writing a piece about Ivan Mikolji’s new book Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild, you can download promotional book images here.

This book will take you on an underwater photographic journey through clear water streams in the Orinoco River basin, featuring over 150 species of freshwater fish. Explore the natural underwater world of Venezuela and Colombia, in the Lost World, the Amazonas inselbergs, and other remote areas in the tropical rainforests of the Guiana Shield.