Want to meet Mikolji in person? Below you’ll find information about Mikolji’s upcoming and past events, his calendar, buy event tickets, and more.

The Chineese Biotope Aquarium Contest (CBAC)

The Chinese Biotope Aquarium Contest (CBAC) sponsored by CIPS is a competition that will be judged by experts in the field. It’s from Nov 17th-20th 2021 and is open to hobbyists worldwide, and it has a ¥10,000 prize for the winner! The goal of this contest is to create awareness and inspire people around the world about aquatic ecosystems and their beauty. In this opportunity, Mikolji will be a judge for the technical group of CIPS CBAC.

Art Exhibition in Miami – Elements by HispaFest

If you are in Miami or in the South Florida area, come see three magnificent pieces of artwork by Mikolji. You will enjoy his underwater reflection photography and other artists’ work as well. Running until end of February 2021. More information at hispafest.net.

Expedition to Caño Cristales, Colombia

Our next expedition will be to Caño Cristales, La Macarena, Colombia. This Mikolji / Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt expedition will do an in depth study of the Macarenia clavigera aquatic plant which is endemic to the area. Dates: November 9-17, 2019.

5th ExpoAcuario Queretaro 2019 in Mexico

We look forward to seeing you on September 27, 28 and 29, 2019 at the 5th AQUARIUM EXPO QUERÉTARO, MEXICO. I’ll be there in person to meet you. We will pay great tribute to the Amazon through keynote presentations, videos, photographs and the assembly of biotope aquariums.
Everyone at the event is committed to bringing an ecological and aquarist message to Querétaro. See you there!

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