Felix Simonovis

I have always liked aquatic live forms such as fishes, shrimps, rays and crabs, but It wasn’t until I discovered Ivan Mikolji’s work that I developed a passion for them. Ivan Mikolji’s photographs and videos really capture the beauty of the wilderness. I am lucky enough to have visited some of he areas where Ivan Mikolji has been, and it is a true hidden paradise. Although it does’t look as great from the outside of the water, if you dive in with a mask, you will see heaven. And in my case, the background music Ivan uses in his videos magically starts playing. Ivan Mikolji’s is work is unique and very few people have done and achieved what he has. He is helping our ecosystem, preserving those beautiful places that not many know about. As he says “You cannot preserve something that you don’t know exists”, and he is doing a very important job, as his pictures and videos can travel to anywhere the internet gets them, allowing people to meet these places and raising awareness all over the world. He is also a very kind and human person; he has all my respect and I truly admire him.